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Our Parish Mission

"We are a vibrant, welcoming and multicultural Catholic Community seeking to serve God through our service to each other and all those with whom we interact."

Parish Priest: Reverend Sean Connolly

St. Stephen's Parish Church

We are at the heart of the community

(determined by the number of years someone has lived in the parish)
  • Since birth 62%
  • Under 10 years 19%
  • Under 5 years 13%
  • New arrivals 6%
Newham, Greater London Borough

Our Parish School
We are the best Primary School in Newham for the second time running.
"We celebrate God's love for everyone. We enjoy learning and growing together, in our caring and welcoming family."

Jesus said, "let the children come to me"

We are celebrating St Winefride's Day

Please join us on 3th Nov 2017 to celebrate our success.

You can visit our online presence here

St. Winefride's School

Our over 60 Population

Only 9% of our congregation are 65 plus...

A faith neutral gathering for the over 60's is held once a month in our Parish. If you are over 60; wants a chat over a cuppa with your contemporaries, you are welcome.

The Elderly

We are building a stronger community

We team up with other communities; faith groups, schools, organisations and charities to harness peoples POWER. This enables us TOGETHER to fight for a better society.

Our Housing Campaign
The past two years have seen a huge mobilisation and awareness on Housing. We are planning something much bigger this year.
Alec James, our Buxton intern, would like to invite all of you who have been part of this campaign, and anyone else interested in it to join us on ...
Date: Monday, 30th October 2017
Time: 7 PM - 8.30 PM
Venue: Community Room
St Stephen's Housing Campaign
The Gospel Message - 30th Sunday (A)

"You must love the Lord your God and your neighbour as yourself"
The 1st Reading from the book of Exodus - 22: 20 - 26
"If you are harsh with the widow, the orphan, my anger will flare against you"
The 2nd Reading from the first letter of St Paul to Thessalonians - 1: 5 - 10
"You broke with idolatry and became servants of God; you are now waiting for his son"
  Gospel Matthew 22:34 - 40
Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ
Make yourself indispensable with CCRS: Highly Recommended

This certificate is designed for people in the communication of their Catholic faith, Catechists, people engaged in liturgical work, and other interested adults. For details visit
020 7901 1900

A draft working plan that follows from the questionnaire is now available to read. Please scroll down to the PDF or Newsletter section for your convenience. The draft titled "working together to Evangelise our Diocese", is yet to be approved. Now is your chance to look at what has been deduced from the questions posed to every Catholic in the Diocese of Brentwood, and give feedback as a parish.

Working Together to Evangelise our Diocese
The Parish Pastoral Council is to carry out a 1-2-1 to enhance our Parish Pastoral Care
What is a 1-2-1?
A 1-2-1 meeting is a tool used by organizations in relationship building. In our parish, it is part of our Congregational Development Program we have been running for years. A session only takes maximum 30mins at a time. Amongst things to discuss...   
Parish future: Have you read the draft report yet? what is your take on the future of our parish within the Diocese? Do you know your Parish Councilors?
Please be generous with your time as we work to build a better and efficient Parish.
Working Together to Evangelise our Diocese
No event for seletecd date.
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